Gregory Alan Isakov

Album art and packaging for a re-release of two albums and vinyl of the combined two (one of which is approaching its tenth anniversary): Songs for October (2005) and That Sea, The Gambler (2007).




About the Artist
Gregory Alan Isakov is an emerging singer-songwriter with new releases topping indie and folk music charts and acclaim growing globally. Though currently calling Boulder, Colorado home, Gregory is somewhat of a rambling man, a wanderer who grew up in South Africa, emigrated to the to the U.S., migrated between east coast cities and now regularly tours alongside the likes of Blind Pilot, Brandi Carlile, The Lumineers and Ani DiFranco.


Gregory is a masterful storyteller and multi-instrumentalist whose soft and airy yet full-bodied music reflects his drifting lifestyle. His wistful, cryptic lyrics about traveling, searching, waiting and yearning are timeless. Even the sound quality of Gregory's music spans decades; he records using analogue gear, mixed on tape to accent the music's raw, vulnerable sensitivity. 


Album Art/Packaging
The art direction reflects the delicate, airy sounds of Gregory's work and themes of the albums' feature songs: a nostalgia and unsettling push/pull between places, people, times, events and desires.


Project Components
- Digipack for That Sea, The Gambler and Songs for October
- Vinyl record jacket and inner sleeve for combined albums


*Personal project, unsolicited by music artist